Five Basic Ways To Market Your Piano Music Online

Many people have argued that there are no great piano composers in the modern world. They say that this art died fifty to one hundred years ago. Here are the facts – there are still many unbelievable piano composers in the modern world today. However, whilst one cannot argue with their creative skills, they lack basic modern marketing skills. And the world is missing out on this distinguished talent.The most affordable and convenient way to market your music today is through the internet. It is used by billions every single year. So why do many piano players fail to market their music online? Why do they go down the traditional route of taking it to a publisher?Marketing Method Number One – Creating Your Own Website with A ListIf you make the decision to market your music online, it is almost criminal to do so without a website. Your website must be where you send all of your prospective customers. Your website must contain details on how to purchase your music, both online and offline. I would also recommend having a ‘sample’ piece of music for clientele to listen to for free and to be able to download the score.When you are building your website, you must include a list. What is a list? A list is a collection of email addresses of potential customers. Your list should be kept abreast on new pieces of music that you are creating. Also they should receive occasional incentives to remain on your list, eg. a free song or a discount.It is much easier to sell to people that know and trust you then to sell to a complete stranger. But so many people in all facets of marketing spend more time on getting more customers than selling to previous customers. Do not make this same mistake. By investing no more than $US200 per year, you could and should have a major increase in sales.Marketing Method Number Two – Piano Radio StationsPiano radio stations are a great way to market your music online. There are numerous radio stations on the World Wide Web that specialize in all sorts of areas, and piano is no exception. Whilst I could only speculate costs, you might be able to get your music played for free, or even better, you might be entitled to royalties from that particular radio station.The main difference between radio piano stations and normal piano stations is that online users are able to click on a link that will take them directly to your site. So make sure that the music that you submit to radio stations are some of your best pieces of work and fit the mould of the station.Marketing Method Number Three – Submitting Your Scores To DirectoriesThere are numerous cases where piano composers only market their actual music and neglect to market their sheet music. This is such a silly thing to do. If a piano player likes listening to your music, then naturally they would want to learn to play it. Web sites like Free Piano Sheet Music would be more than willing to put your compositions onto their web site for free. Also you would get valuable links from your sheet music to your website.Marketing Method Number Four – You TubeThis is the new way to market your music online. You Tube has simply taken the world by storm, not only from a viewers perspective but from a marketing perspective also. Similar to video clips that you see on MTV you are able to create your own video of your music. It does not have to be a complicated task. The easiest way to do it is to record yourself at the piano playing the score and this would be enough. However if you have a theme to your music i.e. the ocean, then you would cut to shot of the beach, i.e. waves crashing on the rocks. Whatever you decide your video clip to be, make sure you put a visible URL at the end of your video as credits, so the viewer can take action to buy your music.Marketing Method Number Five – Piano ForumsForums are an old and popular way to marketing your music, and it still works today. Not only can you specifically market your music in the forum, you can also market your music by just posting messages about anything related to the piano. For example, if there is a discussion about what is the best brand of piano, and you post your comments, you can put a link at the bottom of your post to your website. So not only do you market your music, you also marketing to the right group of people, piano players!In conclusion these are much more effective methods of marketing your music then taking it to a publisher. Not only do you have much more control of your music, it is also much cheaper.The world deserves to hear your music.

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