Veggies For The Fun of It: 10 Tips for a Successful Urban Garden Program for Kids

My goal in working with a children’s gardening programs is to open their eyes to a world within the outdoor class space which is filled with flowers and try to make the experience an event they will long remember.When working with an urban gardening program for elementary school age kids, it is important to understand what will make a successful vegetable gardening program for children. One must first realize a child’s gardening goals differ from those of adult. Middle school and high school gardening programs differs than those for younger children in methods and presented curricula. Kids’ primary objective in gardening is discovery and experimentation. In other words they don’t measure success by the quantity or quality of a harvest; it is the reward in experiencing the process. Kids will use all five senses to explore and discover the garden setting. Vegetable gardening for children will not only stimulate their senses but build a lifelong connection with nature, healthier choices and caring for our environment. Children are curious about the wonders of nature; they like to learn by doing, and will love to play in a garden space designed with them in mind. A kid friendly gardening program should be presented and planned as a fun learning activity surrounded by a world of discoveries. Whether you work with one child or a dozen of them, you’ll find these tips helpful to customize your gardening program.As mentioned earlier, children’s interest in gardening is different from those of adults. Adult’s aspiration in vegetable gardening is grouped into three categories all based on the “green thumb factor” they are; a sustainable source of fresh produce, the economic factor, health and organic nutrition. These three goals can be incorporated into a curriculum for a balanced children’s gardening program. When presenting gardening curriculum it works best when presented as “teaching moments.”Define the goals for forming this young gardeners club.What do you hope to accomplish in this gardening situation? Will it be a place for quiet meditation, teaching science, creating a farmers market or a venue for healthy eating? Knowing this will help guide you in deciding the type of garden environment to create, such as native plant, heirloom, organic, herbal or exhibition.
Rely on the experts.Borrow gardening rules, tips and techniques from successful community gardening program in your area. The most successful community type gardens are supported by an involved group of people. This is the time to pull together a group of like-minded teachers, and helpers from your circle of influence. Local Master Gardeners, Farm Bureaus, botanic and organic garden organizations and nurseries can provide guidance and support.
Give the kids their own garden space for the principle of possession. This will give the children a sense of ‘ownership’ of a familiar space and encourages a commitment and responsibility to the gardening project. Whether you use raised beds, repurposed containers or a traditional ground plot, be sure to give children their own separate garden space and encourage them to get their hands dirty.
Make the garden appealing to the senses, Colorful blooms adds to the visual; aromatic crops that appeal to the nose as well as produce that can be eaten off the vine.Choose a variety of vegetable plants well-suited to your region and growing season. It would also be great to include a few edible flowers for color and herbs for fragrance.Children will be fascinated by the different shapes and textures. To get off to a good start plant easy-to-grow vegetables such as cucumbers, collard greens, zucchini, leaf lettuce, beans, peas, summer squash, bell peppers and Swiss chard are all easy to grow.
Set young gardeners up for success with the best soil and light conditions available. This is part of the planning strategy. In urban settings it is common to find predicaments such as poor soil conditions; pollutant, gardening in awkwardly shaped areas surrounded by asphalt or cement. Remember most vegetable gardens requires at least six to eight hours of sunlight each day. It is also helpful to have easy access to water.Don’t be discouraged if your garden site has too many obstacles it is possibly a sign that you should consider container gardening.
Start the garden from seeds. Children will learn more by seeing the growing process as it begins. This is an important part of the discovery process; they will notice the root system and make their own observations on plant development and life cycles. The care given to sprouting seeds and nurturing the young seedling are a valuable part of the gardening experience. Also seeds will develop into healthier plants if started indoors in a warm room. Once the true leaves have sprouted they can be transplanted into the garden bed according growing season.
You may need to help out ‘behind the scene, ‘cheat a little’. They don’t have to know about every small issue you’ve corrected. You may need to go out before or after the program’s session to pick slugs and insects off the vegetables.Regularly patrol for pests, but do not use pesticides. Children should not be exposed to toxins. Instead, remove bugs by blasting them with water. Change a few plants that were severely damaged due to mishandling; replace seeds in beds that were improperly planted. The kids feeling a sense of ownership in the plot is the primary thing. A good result in gardening solely based on the children’s efforts is secondary.
Use alloted time wisely. Have a set start and ending time for the sessions. Change up the activity to keep kids excited about going to the garden. Garden time for children should be in the cool of the day. Include garden themed activities, games and craft time in your program. Keep in mind kids may not be ready at all times for all chores in the garden. All children may not enjoy all garden tasks. There are some who will not enjoy the process of planting outside in the dirt, even those who may be frightened by insects. The incorporation of garden themed activities will give your children a needed variety. This will insure children will look forward to the future sessions and positively impact behavior
Gardening tools and gear are necessity.When you supply children with tools you’re acknowledging the importance of the work they’re doing. Also under the category of gardening tools, there are many kitchen objects that can be repurposed for gardening use. Hard plastic kitchen utensils make excellent garden tools; they can be used like a shovel or spade. We use drinking water bottles for watering containers. If need be let them use your hand tools under close supervision. The uses of cheap plastic gardening tools are worse than no tools at all; they break easily and will discourage any user.
Engage them through the entire process, from seed to table. The garden is a place for teaching moments with kids. Children learn better when they understand the context of their activity. They will learn that gardening is a fun activity, a place to make friends, as well as a place where they are contributing to the community. Gardening gives children a chance to learn an important life skill, one that is overlooked in standard school curriculums. Gardening is also a great way to teach environmental awareness by exploring the workings of nature. Environmental sciences Plant life cycles and seed germination are easily taught in the outdoor classroom. So are math, creative writing, reading, social studies, nutrition, observation and the fine arts. Besides planting and nurturing their garden beds, be sure they are an active part the harvesting and preparation of their vegetables for the table, no matter how modest the crop yield.A children’s vegetable garden will open their minds to a ‘world class’ learning experience about plants and flowers.

Crypto Currency Vs Fiat Currency

Crypto currency vs. Fiat currency

Are you aware of the fiat currencies and the crypto currencies? They both are currencies in one form or the other and are open for public use across the world. But they are both different and distinct in their own ways. There is always one group that favors the use of cryptos, while the other has a soft corner for the fiat currencies.

In cashless society- crypto money play a huge role

If you have a look at the market of the 1970s and 1980s, you will find that the cash played the dominant role. But, with the change in the technology, electronic transactions have become the usual norm. Today, more and more people are influenced in becoming the cashless society. With the progress towards the cashless society, cryptocurrencies have a big role to play.

Crypto currency and fiat currency are always at loggerheads

Cryptocurrency and fiat currency are popular types of digital currency, especially when it is about an online transaction. They both are currencies currently in use in the market but have some differences in them. There is a hell lot of hypes that you will hear on a daily basis comparing the crypto money and the fiat money. This article will highlight the difference between the two in a more comprehensive and clear manner.

Differentiating in what the currencies stand for

Before going for the difference between the two, you must understand what do they stand for and how are they are defined.

The fiat currency is a legal tender that has the support of the central government, and it operates in the physical form. For instance, US dollars, British Pounds, Euro etc. On the other hand, the crypto currency is a non-legal tender, and doesn’t have any backup from the central government or bank.
Hence, the difference between crypto currency and fiat currency is noted as follows:

• Crypto-currencies are decentralized and global in nature. There are no one entity or government that controls the currency with their laws and regulations. The Fiat currency is centralized, under the control of the laws and regulations of the banks and government.

• Crypto-currencies have their existence only in the digital domain. On the other hand, you will find that the fiat currencies have a tangible and physical existence.

• There is a limited supply of crypto-currencies with a maximum set of them getting supplied in the market. Whereas, the fiat money has an unlimited supply as the government and bank are entitled to produce coins and paper money whenever the situation is required.

• The Bitcoin and other crypto type currencies are created by the computers, while the fiat currencies are issued by the local government and the banks.

• Cryptocurrencies are presented as the public and private code pieces. On the other hand, the fiat currencies are presented in the form of coins and paper money.

• The value of the crypto currencies is not recognized by the supply and demand of the market. Whereas, the fiat currency value is determined by the market regulations of supply and demand.

The different types of crypto and fiat currencies

In the last one decade, the popularity of crypto type currencies has emerged as a huge success. It was in 2009, when Bitcoin was first introduced, and years after several other types of crypto currencies have emerged. Starting from Litecoin. Dogecoin, Ripple to the Dcash and Zcash, there is a plethora of them. On the other hand, the fiat currency has a rich and ancient roots, with the Great British Pound, that dates back to 775 AD. It is considered as the oldest currency in the world that is still in use.

The differences in the anonymity between the two currencies

When you are using the fiat currencies, you need to undergo a user identification or verification process. You are asked to upload a recent picture of yourself and some of the required documents to be issued as per the public authorities. You don’t need to undergo any of the required processes with the crypto currencies. Though your personal information and confidential details don’t get public, but all your transactions are recorded and tracked in both the fiat and the crypto currencies.

Fiat currency vs crypto currency: transparency level

• The transparency level with the crypto type currencies are considered to be more. This is because the revenue streams are displayed in a public chain. Everyone can witness their own and others’ transactions.

• The fiat or govt. currencies are not transparent, as there are not public chains to see the revenue streams of the people.

A comparative historical roots

If you compare the crypto money with that of its counterpart, fiat or government currency, you will find that their existence and creation brings the difference. The Fiat or government currency, dates back its existence as early as 775 AD with the introduction of the Great British Pound. This is why fiat type currency is easily accepted by the people all over.

On the other hand, the crypto coin was perhaps first introduced only a decade ago, with the introduction of Bitcoin in 2009. The challenge that the Bitcoin and other crypto currencies face is catching up with the immense popularity and increasing fan base of the fiat currency. Crypto currency, is no doubt gaining importance and popularity in the economic market, but it has still not been accepted widely in the society as the fiat currency.

A comparative history of the two currencies:

• It was in the 11th century, when the Chinese Song dynasty was perhaps the first one to issue the paper money. It was not allowed to exchange with valuables like gold and silver or silk.

• There were Tally sticks that were introduced as a fiat or government currency. 1100 Tally sticks were introduced as a combat for the shortages in gold.

• 1971, was the year, when the fiat currency received a worldwide recognition. President Nixon introduced it in order to eliminate the dollar pegging system to gold.

• It was in 1998, when the idea of an anonymous electronic cash system emerged by Wei Dai. Bitgold-the very first crypto currency was created by Nick Szabo, but it didn’t receive as much attention as Bitcoin.

• In 2009, Bitcoin was introduced in the market, that became the first crypto currency that was accepted across the globe. In 2011 and after, a series of several other crypto currencies were introduced. Some of the popular ones include, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Zcash, Dash and so on.

The traits of both the currencies

The potential of the crypto type currencies and fiat currencies, accessing their traits is important. You will find that in some of the criteria, Bitcoin and other crypto currency is superior than the fiat or government currency, and in some cases, the latter surpasses. It is absolutely your call to choose the type of currency (crypto type currency or fiat type currency) based on your personal needs and requirements.

Let us compare their traits with respect to certain factors.

• Both the crypto coins and fiat type currencies are interchangeable in nature.

• As per the portability is concerned both the currencies secure more or less the same position.

• With respect to the non consumable criteria, crypto currency and fiat type currency have the equal status.

• Crypto type currencies have high durability as compared to the fiat-currencies that have moderate level of durability.

• Both the crypto or virtual currencies and the fiat or government currencies ensure secure and safeguarded transactions and exchange.

• Crypto or digital currencies are highly divisible in nature. On the other hand, the fiat type currencies are moderately divisible.

• In terms of the transaction process, the crypto currencies are easy and hassle free. Whereas, on the other hand, the traction process associated with the fiat currencies are easy, but not like the cryptos.

• The crypto based currencies are decentralized and global in nature, unlike the fiat currencies that are centralized and functions under the laws and regulations of the government.

• The crypto based currencies have high scarcity, where as, the fiat currencies are unlimited as the government can issue coins and paper money whenever there is a need.

• The crypto based currencies are based on mathematical algorithms, and are programmable. The fiat currencies are not at all programmable.

• The fiat currencies are sovereign in nature, while the crypto currencies are not.

The process of the functioning of the currencies

You can find the significant differences between the crypto or digital currencies and the fiat currencies with the way they both operate and the transaction process that take place. They are contrasting in nature. The transfer of money using the Bitcoin is very quick, and you absolutely don’t need any third party association.

On the other hand, if you are involved with the money exchange using Fiat type currency, a mobile wallet is in use. You can exchange an amount of e-money that gets transferred into the equal e-value amount. Both the fiat and the crypto currencies enable you to purchase everything that you desire. But the processes involved are absolutely distinct from each other.

Depending on the things you purchase, you will find that one currency form is better than the other. This is absolutely your choice.

Is Bitcoin, a crypto currency better than the fiat-currency?

The long term benefits and the capability of the Bitcoins is still not established. But it has been predicted by the crypto currency gurus and experts, that they will go a long way, especially revolutionizing the way the online transactions are done. In the current market, the Bitcoin is mainly included in the online casinos and the gambling, but it is not limited to it.

Furthermore, when you compare the fiat currencies, the Bitcoin allows you to seize the power and authority from the banks and the government since it is not controlled. The cryptography based currency has the capability to create or come up with the free market capitals. Fiat currencies are affected by the inflation and the changes in the market, unlike the crypto based currencies. Such aspects make individuals believe that cryptograph based currencies will soon take over the mainstream currencies and bring a transformation in the way the money is used.

Why is Bitcoins considered to be a better aspect than the fiat type currencies?

• Bitcoin gives you the opportunity to re-create a free market capitalism.

• The power of controlling the money is absolutely with the individuals, and not with the banks like the fiat type currencies.

• When there is an inflation, the Bitcoin is not affected. But the Fiat type currency will be easier to lose and get affected by it.

• The Bitcoin currency is easy easier to exchange and transfer as compared to the fiat or government currencies.

• The transaction fees involved with the Bitcoin are way cheaper and easily affordable.

Crypto currencies seem to be a favorable option among the people

The fiat type currencies are the centralized and legal way of exchanging money. But, the crypto currencies have acquired immense popularity in the past few years. There will never be anyone who would act as a middle man, like the case with the banks. Moreover, the cryptos are way cheaper and less expensive that the conventional fiat currencies.

Send money anywhere directly without waiting for the bank’s approval

You can send money to anyone in the world directly, and it is super fast. The money gets cleared within a few minutes time. You don’t have to wait for the traditional clearing and verification processes of the banking systems, which might take up to several days to get a clearance. Since it is decentralized and doesn’t come under the law and regulations of the government, nobody has any power to do anything with your account.

The blockchain technology has a very big role to play

Thanks to the crypto currencies, that gives us the power and the authority to become our very own bank, and take control over our finances. It is because of the blockchain technology that offers a higher level of sophistication while dealing with the finances. In fact, there are some mainstream financial industries that have started incorporating the idea of the technology.

Are You Choosing the Right Stock Market Advisory Company

What do you do if you want to learn driving a car? You will try to find an expert teacher, isn’t it? You do not want to avail the services of a novice individual to help you out, but a professional person can provide you the vital tips and most importantly guide you efficiently. Similarly, when it comes to investing in the stock market for the first time, you require a knowledgeable advice to attain your financial goals and get profitable returns.

If you are a beginner, then it is quite obvious that you may be having no information about the process of buying the right shares in the market. In such a situation, getting the right tips from an experienced financial advisor or a registered advisory company will truly prove to be a great blessing in disguise. However, there are some of the important things that have to be kept in mind while choosing the top stock market advisory company, which are as follows:

How much assistance do you actually require?

Before you make up your mind to hire an advisor, it is imperative that you must first decide about the kind of service you require from them. You may need their help at the beginning or during the time of any issues. This is because an advisor has to formulate a map according to your requirements. Hence, it is suggested to ascertain your needs first and then take further action.

Choose a top ranked advisory company

It is a very important point that has to be taken into the consideration. Availing services of the well known advisory company or a financial advisor is an absolute necessity. Make it a point to carry out a proper background or research work about the company. Check out their credentials, reputation, experience, etc before hiring them.

Asking for a sample financial plan initially makes sense

When hiring a financial advisor, then do not forget to ask for sample plan first. It is imperative to note that there is no such thing called the perfect plan. A sample plan will help you to determine whether an advisory company is actually making sense according your requirements or not.


The financial planners or advisory companies can really turn out to be the greatest asset for you if you choose the best one. They are just like the professional sailors who can help you out to sail through stock investment related problems quite efficiently.

Deepak is a financial advisor who likes to provide quality tips to the people facing any issues with regard to investing in the stock market. He likes to keep himself updated about the stock market by reading articles, news and blogs, etc.